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The CONNECT Philisophy


However diverse our individual Life Journeys may be, ultimately everyone seeks the same things; comfort, safety, happiness and a sense of self-worth.

Regardless of age, physical challenges, mental capacity or social situation, everyone has a right to meaningful support and thoughtful services that enhance and improve their quality of life and promote their fundamental aspirations.

While we are fully cognoscente of the difficulties, limitations and realities of some disabilities and situations, we believe everyone should have an opportunity to better their circumstances and to strive for improvement with dignity, patience and support.

Our Company aspires to CONNECT individuals with the training, services and tools needed to help each one obtain their goals and achieve a fulfilling personal Life Journey.



  • Canine Support Teams
  • Vets Moving Forward
  • Tender Loving Canines
  • The Dream Center
  • Purple Heart Homes

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